I created this blog to systematically post progress of research on illusion.

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presentation of the logo exhibition

The title of the exhibition is: ‘What you should know, but probably don’t’,








and our expo should answer this question. Theme are stories behind logos.








Target, our visitors, are prospective students of graphic design, who will come to Open Day at Sint-Lucas Antwerpen. So the title is directed stricly to them, and welcomes them at the entrance.
I would like to point the colon at the end of the title: it promises, that the exhibition respond for the question.








I used elements from the poster: yellow stripes and gray circle. It form the visual system. This yellow line leads to the show.









How I am going to tell these stories? Each of us will do a thirty seconds seconds movie about one, chosen logo, which will show the story in interesting way, and then we will beam them.









I divided our logo set on three parts: whether it is a trivia, interesting thing, whether a story assiociated with the designer of the sign, or maybe visula way, which logotype passed over the years.









That is why there are three places, with three projectors. All places are close together.









Yellow line leads to each place, and gray circle shows: Yes, you are in.



I made an attempt to the tomorrow presentation of the logo exhibition concept.

Time is merciless.

poster update

here’s the redesigned poster for our logo exhibition; I think it’s better now.

Later I will show the concept & vizualizations of the expo – I used elements from the poster: yellow stripes and gray circle.

It form the system. Tomorrow I present it for the committee.

Vogue puts its 120-year history online

You can read about it on cbs news here.

Just a shame that you have to pay $1,500 or be a subscriber, but maybe this will change sometime.



process folio cover beginning

Here is beginning of my process folio cever.

I decided that the cover will not cover anything, but only reveal the merits of the publication and expose content.

I use my own typeface, designed specially for this occasion.

Designers predictions from ’30: fashion in 2000 had to look like this

Coats of aluminum, hair ornaments with a flashlight, glass wedding dress – in such a way American designers from ’30 years imaged the wardrobe of our time. Interstingly, some of their predictions, presented 80 years ago in the “Pathetone Weekly” worked well!









Versatile dress – with removable sleeves can be worn both in the afternoon and evening.











Creation of translucent fabric and wire (?) worthy of Lady Gaga









Detail of the dress











Hairstyle perfectly matched to the dress.  Are you also reminds a bit ‘beehive of hair’ was launched by Amy Winehouse?









Ethereal jumpsuit with belt temperature regulating









Extravagant heel shoes. Similar projects appear on the catwalks today










Stylish, modern and practical clip-torch









Coat of aluminum. Clothes with a metallic sheen are this season hit.









Wedding dress. Apparently made by the glass, but I think that the veil is sewn by the transparent food foil.









There is also something for men – this way imagined the man of the future.








The phone and the radio is build into the male costume. and in numerous pockets can hide all necessary odds and ends.